Kazakhstan tours

We recommend you to visit Kazakhstan in spring or autumn times. The weather is not too cold and not too hot which is comfortable for travelling. By its territory Kazakhstan is the biggest country in Central Asia, there is big diversity of climatic zones. You will have an opportunity to visit Kazakhstan in summer, however, if your tour does not include its hottest areas. Kazakhstan shares borders with Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. The economy of Kazakhstan is growing and it is rich in natural resources. The population of Kazakhstan nowadays is calculated of 16 million people. The majority of them is made of Kazakh people who belong to Turkic groups that lived in the vast territory of Central Asia. Nur-Sultan is the capital of Kazakhstan. It is a young city with modern buildings and wide boulevards. The touristic highlights of the country are the cities of Almaty, Aktau, Atyrau, Baikonur, Kapchagai, Sairam, Shymkent, Taldykorgan, Taraz, and Turkestan. The easiest way to travel to Kazakhstan is to take a flight to Nur-Sultan and Almaty cities. If you are travelling a combined tour, you can cross the land border from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. In your tours in Kazakhstan you will have a chance to learn about Sufism in Turkestan, have fun in a skating rink at Medeu gorge, visit the ancient petroglyphs of Tamgaly Tas, have trekking in Kolsai lakes and many others. We will try our best to make your Kazakhstan tours will be full of new adventures, cultural experiments and amazing monuments.

Nomad path
» Nomad path

You will be able to go on an incredible journey through Kazakhstan, where at the beginning of the tour you will visit the capital of Kazakhstan - Nur-Sultan, where the ethnic village is staying. After that, you will be able to explore the city of Almaty with its sights. You will also be able to explore the Kolsai Lakes one of the most beautiful places on the planet, you will be surprised by the beautiful scenery. Blue lakes, forests and pure nature will appeal to you. You will also be delighted and enchanted by the beautiful scenery. And also you will have a great chance to explore the centuries-old history, enjoy the culture and explore the beautiful monuments. more »
Discovering capitals of Kazakhstan
» Discovering capitals of Kazakhstan

Your tours in Kazakhstan will be excellent and attractive. You will be able to explore the most beautiful sights, see the beautiful capitals of Kazakhstan like Nur-Sultan and Almaty and immerse yourself in the history and culture, explore important sites. Go on tours in Kazakhstan with our team and enjoy the beauty of nature! more »
An exciting adventure in Nur-Sultan
» An exciting adventure in Nur-Sultan

Our tourists will be able to explore the history of Kazakhstan, explore its past, present and future, unique nature and also explore all the most attractive sights of the country. You will be able to explore only the most excellent places in the central part of the city, enjoy the development and insight of the capital of Kazakhstan and enjoy the views of the main attractions. You also have the chance to enjoy the views of the ethno village and explore the traditional things on tours. more »
Southern Riches of Kazakhstan
» Southern Riches of Kazakhstan

Your tours of Kazakhstan will be fabulous, you will be able to explore the landscapes and culture of the country. Your journey will take you through the southern part of Kazakhstan, where there is an oasis of steppes, and explore the history of nomadic and sedentary civilization. There you can also enjoy a unique and vibrant culture, and see the historical monuments of many centuries. We are sure you will enjoy our tours in Kazakhstan. more »
Historical heritage tour
» Historical heritage tour

Our guests will be able to go on tours around Kazakhstan, explore the culture and history, as well as immerse themselves in customs and traditions. You will have an incredible adventure through the most significant places of Kazakhstan such as Almaty, hymken and other interesting places. more »
Spectacular Nature
» Spectacular Nature

Our clients will be able to go on a tour of Kazakhstan, enjoy the culture and nature of the beautiful country and also immerse themselves in the customs and traditions. You have a great chance to enjoy the study of ancient history, cultural sights and attractions. Your tour will start in Almaty, in the beautiful Altyn Emel, in the incredible Kolsay Lake and the fascinating Charyn. more »
Gems of Kazakhstan
» Gems of Kazakhstan

We offer you to go to the most incredible places in Kazakhstan, explore the pure nature and immerse yourself in the ancient culture, history, enjoy the cultural heritage and embark on a fabulous journey. Your tour will start in Almaty, then you will go to interesting Shymkent, explore the beautiful Kolsai Lake and other fascinating places. Enjoy your tours with our company. more »
Exploring the South of Kazakhstan
» Exploring the South of Kazakhstan

In our tours you will be able to explore that Kazakhstan is a very beautiful country with incredibly interesting cultural and historical sights, as well as immerse yourself in the prorkasnaya prirozh and visit modern attractions. Your tour of Kazakhstan will be interesting for its adventures, and you will be able to explore such beautiful places as Almaty, Lake Kaindy and the never-ending Charyn Canyon, as well as Issyk. Go on tours in Kazakhstan with our company. more »
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