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Tajikistan is one of the most popular destinations in Central Asia and its popularity is annually growing. Tajikistan is the smallest country in Central Asia and shares borders with Kyrgyzstan, China, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. The population is over 9 million people. Tajikistan possesses wonderful sites to visit which include picturesque mountain system called Pamir. The meaning of the word is ‘roof of the world’. Therefore it is a fair comparison as the highest mountains exceed the height of 7,000 meters. That explains why Tajikistan is so popular for trekking, hiking, 4x4 tours that our company organizes. We recommend to get to Tajikistan by a flight to Dushanbe, which is the capital city, or Khujand, the second largest city of Tajikistam. The most favorable time to travel in Tajikistan is from the end of spring to the mid of autumn. Here is the main list of the main historical attractions: Garm Chashma, Hissar, Istaravshan, Kulyab, Kyrgan Tube, and Penjakent. The main particularity of Tajikistan is the Pamir Highway. It will make your tour unforgettable and the most enjoyable. It will be a great adventure to travel through the harshest roads of Pamir Mountains. During your tour along Pamir you will have an opportunity to explore the culture of local Wakhi people with their traditions, visit amazing gorges with crystal blue lakes and waterfalls.

Best of Tajikistan
» Best of Tajikistan

Dear customers will be able to go on a wonderful tour of Tajikistan, explore nature, enjoy beautiful landscapes and marvel at the most unique sights. In the tours you will find a journey through Dushanbe, Hissar, Norak, Rushan and other fascinating places! more »
Origins of Tajikistan
» Origins of Tajikistan

You will be surprised by the harsh beauty of the Pamirs, where you will be able to explore beautiful landscapes, and enjoy the pure nature, explore the culture and original customs and traditions. During the tours, you will be able to explore the high-mountain settlements and the original way of life of the mountaineers, delicious cuisine and healing mineral springs. You will also be surprised by the ancient history and places such as Dushanbe, Ishkashim Bulunkul Lake and other interestin places. more »
Pearls of Tajikistan
» Pearls of Tajikistan

As you know, Tajikistan is a rich country for mountain attractions, beautiful landscapes and charming views. In our tours, customers will be able to explore the beautiful sights, and find out that there are about 2000 lakes here. You will be able to visit many beautiful places, explore the history and culture, as well as customs and traditions. And we will visit the most beautiful sights like Seven Lakes and Iskanderkul. Embark on a fabulous tours to Tajikistan with us! more »
Heart of the Fann Mountains
» Heart of the Fann Mountains

You will be able to go on wonderful tours to Tajikistan, explore its history, and beautiful landscapes and also enjoy the views of nature. During the tour, you will be able to explore Dushanbe, enjoy the beautiful Iskanderkul Lake and Hissar and Ramit. During the tours, you will be able to explore that the country is surrounded by mountains on all sides, as well as inaccessible cliffs. You will be amazed by the beautiful view of the water, lakes, and clean sights. Our company will be able to create you the most beautiful tour of Tajkistan. more »
Secrets of legendary Sogd
» Secrets of legendary Sogd

Your tours in Tajikistan will be amazing and beautiful, so you can explore the beautiful scenery and incredible mountain scenery. Your tours will be based on unique landscapes, you will be able to see the beautiful historical regions of the Zerafshan Valley. Our clients will be able to explore the beautiful landscapes and also feel the atmosphere of the new and old east, as well as get acquainted with the mentality and culture of the locals! Do not miss the chance and relax on the tour with us! more »
Tajikistans Treasures
» Tajikistans Treasures

During the tour, you will notice that Tajikistan is beautiful and unique with its landscapes and views, mesmerizing with the charm of mountains and nature, as well as rivers and lakes. The mountain country invites you to explore beautiful landscapes and cultural heritage, as well as history. You will also be able to explore interesting landscapes and history about the Tajiks, visit the capital Dushanbe, Lake Iskanderkul, as well as Kalai Khum, Penjikent and many other places. Don't miss the opportunity to explore beautiful landscapes and immerse yourself in history and culture. more »
Supernal mountains- Pamir
» Supernal mountains- Pamir

You will have a great opportunity to take amazing photos. During the tour, you will be able to enjoy a charming ride through the expanses of Tajkisatna and see the beautiful and unsurpassed nature, enjoy the ancient customs and traditions and also the cultural heritage. You have a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery and immerse yourself in the history of the country. In the tour you will be able to visit Dushanbe, Khorog, Langar, and many other places as well as get facts about the country. more »
Iskanderkul lake Adventure
» Iskanderkul lake Adventure

In the wonderful tours of Tajikistan, our guests will be able to feel the hospitality, enjoy the culture, history and you will be able to enjoy the delicious national cuisine. You will also enjoy the beautiful views of the Fann Mountains. Your exciting tour will start in Dushanbe, you will enjoy the beautiful views of the Norek reservoir, and you will be impressed by the Iskanderkul Lake. Go on beautiful tours of Tajikistan and enjoy the beautiful scenery. more »
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