Origins of Tajikistan

Origins of Tajikistan, Tajikistan tours.

Name of the tour: Origins of Tajikistan 

The best attractions: Dushanbe, Hissar, Kalai Khum, Khorog, Ishkashim, Bulunkul Lake 

Length of the tour: 9 days  

Day 1: Dushabe – Hissar – Dushanbe
Today you will be met by our driver at the airport and transfer to Dushanbe. And the first destination will be  Hissar Fortress. One of the most famous historical monuments of Tajikistan was built to protect the local population and trade caravans from the raids of nomads. The Hissar fortress still impresses with its power and monumentality, especially after a major restoration. It is believed that the fortress was built about 2500 years ago, during the heyday, when the routes of the Great Silk Road passed near Hissar. The remaining remains of the fortifications were built in the XVI-XIX centuries. The Hissar Fortress in Tajikistan is one of the oldest and largest architectural monuments in Central Asia. Then you will travel to “Madrasa I Kuhna” (new school of 16th-17th centuries), mosque; the mausoleum of “Mahdumi Azam” (16th century). Today you will also direct to Dushanbe. Then in the tour you will discover Botanical garden and Victory Park. You will spend the night in the hotel.

Day 2: Dushanbe – Norak – Kalai Khum
This day you will transfer to Kalai Khum village. Along the way you will have a chance to discover Norak water reservoir which is called “Tajik Sea”. The Nurek Reservoir is an artificial reservoir created on the Vakhsh River, within the Nurek region of Tajikistan. It was formed in front of the Nurek hydroelectric dam. The reservoir impresses with its size: it is more than 70 km long, and the area of its water surface reaches 98 square kilometers! The average depth of the reservoir is 107 m. The level of the reservoir varies within 53 m. The lake is very popular among tourists. In the middle of the lake there is a magnificent view of the panorama of the gorge, around which there are snow-capped peaks. Here you can try your hand at boating and enjoy the views.  The night will be in the home stay.

Day 3: Kalai Khum – Khorog
This day you will travel to Today we will drive to Khorog. In course of the tour you will observe that small green town seems to be perched on steep rock terraces that gently descend to the very bottom of a deep canyon, where two rapid mountain rivers Gutn and Panj meet. The city lies at an altitude of 2600 m above sea level and has a population of 30 thousand people. Due to its convenient location, Khorog is reliably protected by high ridges from the penetration of cold air masses and piercing winds.Today's Khorog is a beautiful, green city with alleys of huge poplars and quaint Pamir national houses on the outskirts. Located in a superbly picturesque and colorful location. This day you will spend the night in the hotel.

Day 4: Khorog – Ishkashim
This day you will transfer to Ishkashim village. During the tour you will explore that Ishkashim-a small village consisting of 3 streets, stretching along the highway along the Panj, is the administrative center of the district and is located on the border with Afghanistan.  Ishkashim is a small village on the southern branch of the Pamir highway, which is located at the very beginning of the Wakhan corridor. It is home to about 2,900 people, most of whom consider themselves Pamiris. The settlement is located in a picturesque valley surrounded by the Pamir and Hindu Kush mountains, right on the border with Afghanistan, at an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level. Nearby is the Panj River, beyond which is the eponymous Afghan village of Ishkashim. Overnight is in a home stay.

Day 5: Ishkashim – Yashil Kul Lake – Bulunkul Lake
Yashilkul means "green lake". It is located in the Pamirs at an altitude of 3,700 meters above sea level. The lake was formed as a result of a blockage that blocked the Alichur River. The water flows over the blockage, and it is from this place that the Gunt River originates. Lake Bulunkul is much smaller than Yashilkul and is connected to it by a narrow channel. The lake is notable for the fact that fishing was organized here for the first time in the Pamirs, and the fact that in winter the lowest temperature in the republic was recorded here-minus 63 degrees Celsius. Along the way you will pass through Koitezak pass. You will rest the night in the guest house.

Day 6: Bulunkul – Khorog
After breakfast you will transfer to Khorog passing Pamir Highway. Along the way you will have a chance to explore the fascinating beauty of landscape of Tajikistan. You will be able to travel along the Panj River, see the beautiful views of the Panj River and enjoy the views of Afghanistan. You will find beautiful landscapes of nature and interesting views of rock paintings, as well as you will be able to plunge into hot springs. You will find real hospitality and delicious food. You will also be surprised by the beautiful sky and one of the most fascinating places in Central Asia. Today you will spend he night in the hotel

Day 7: Khorog – Kalai Khum
The tour route today will take from Khorog to Kalai Khum the same as you passed before. You will be able to say goodbye to Kalai Humb and its hospitable residents today and then go to Khorog for about 160 miles. A fascinating tour awaits you today, where you can enjoy the scenery and find out that the journey takes you along the Panj River, and immediately after it you can meet Afghanistan. In the tours you will be able to explore that interesting and significant city of Khorog, located in the mountains, at the confluence of the Panj and Gunt rivers. This night you will rest in the guesthouse. 

Day 8: Kalai Khum – Khoburubot – Dushanbe
Today you will transfer back to Dushanbe through mountain way. This day you will have a chance to travel via Khoburubot named as Western Pamir Tract. Along the way you will have a chance to observe stunning river valley where you can take a photos. During the tour you will also discover the landscapes and meet locals and villages. Today you will also discover the culture. This night you will rest in the hotel.

Day 9: Flight
In the morning you will be transferred to the airport.

02-04 pax – Hyundai Starex
06-08 pax – 2 cars: Hyundai Starex
10 pax – 3 cars: Hyundai Starex


Price per person:
02 pax – 1300 $
04 pax – 800 $
06 pax – 900 $
08 pax – 745 $
10 pax – 815 $
Single – 80 $

Half board – 120 $
Full board – 240 $ 

English speaking guide – 780 $ per group


Service includes:
- Transport
- Accommodation:
      Dushanbe – “Meridians” Hotel 3*
      Kalai Khum – Home stays
      Khorog – “Lal” Guesthouse
      Ishkoshim – Home stays
      Bulunkul – Home stays
- Entrances to all museums
- Mineral water during the tour                                           

Service does not include:
- Visa
- Full board
- Single rooms
- Early check-in
- GBAO permit
- Travel insurance
- English speaking guide

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