Pearls of Tajikistan

Pearls of Tajikistan, Tajikistan tours.

Name of the tour: Pearls of Tajikistan 

The best attractions: Dushanbe, Iskanderkul Lake, Seven Lakes 

Length of the tour: 7 days 

Day 1: Dushabe – Hissar – Dushanbe
This day you will meet the representatives of our company at the international airport of Dushanbe. After that you will transfer to the capital of Tajikistan. Durong the tour you will have a chance to discover Hissar. One of the most famous historical monuments of Tajikistan, it was built to protect the local population and trade caravans from the raids of nomads, is one of the oldest and largest architectural monuments of Central Asia.The walls of the fortress were at least a meter thick, and guards were on duty at the gun loopholes. The territory with a garden and a swimming pool, as well as wide staircases with terraces leading to the main entrance which were laid out in brick, unfortunately did not survive to the present day. The same applies to the building of the former palace itself. Here guests will have a chance to explore Mausoleum of Makhdumi Azam. Moreover you will come back to Dushanbe and have a lunch. This day you will also explore Botanical garden and Victory Park with a panorama view. You will end the tour with transferring to the hotel where you will rest the night. 

Day 2: Dushanbe – Ramit – Dushanbe
This day you will travel to amazing Ramit, state nature reserve is a specially protected natural territory of Tajikistan. By the decree of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Romit Gorge is declared a tourism zone, where there are many facilities for accommodation, food and medical services. The reserve is located at a distance of more than 80 kilometers from the city of Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan. In the Romit gorge there are health resorts, children's recreation camps.  The reserve is famous for its forests. The mountain slopes are covered with birch, poplar, willow, maple, jigda (loh), mulberry. As the green front of the vegetation that wakes up after winter moves higher and higher along the mountain slopes, many animals and birds follow it into the zone of the high-mountain belt. 

Day 3: Dushanbe – Iskanderkul Lake
Today you will have a chance to explore the fascinating Mountain lake – Iskanderkul. Lake Iskanderkul is called the pearl in the palms of the mountains. This mountain reservoir attracts an excess of tourists. During the tours you will be able to explore that the lake is named after Alexander the Great. Today you will have a chance to observe the fabulous Iskanderkul lake. This lake is located in Central Asia and has one of the most interesting scenery. Here you can walk, stroll along it beaches and also see the interesting of the beaches. Guests of the country will also have a chance to discover the views of the waterfall. This night you will rest in the home stay.

Day 4: Iskanderkul Lake
Fann Mountains  is a truly unique mountain country, the ancient name of which sounds like Kuhistan (translated from Farsi - "Country of Mountains"). Picturesque gorges and passes, stormy rivers, ancient glaciers and magnificent emerald-green gorges. Today we will drive to the Fann Mountains. The Fann mountains are deservedly considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Even "real" tourists will never miss the opportunity to go hiking in the Mountains, visiting this magical region of the Pamir-Alay for the nth time. The high-altitude lakes of this region have become a byword among travelers. Their number and beauty are amazing. Everything here breathes purity, freshness and pride. The untouched nature of man. Snow-capped mountains and rare birds. No unnecessary sounds. You will be amazed by the beautiful nature and charming sights. The overnight will be in homestay.

Day 5: Iskanderkul Lake – Seven Lakes 
Our clients will be able to explore the Seven lakes and learn that the Marguzor Lakes are all the name of one beautiful complex of lakes in the depths of the Fan Mountains. During the tour, you will be able to explore what a beautiful place is located 40 kilometers from the city of Penjikent in the long gorge of the Shing River. Guests of Tajikistan on tours will be able to explore beautiful lakes, enjoy the scenery and also learn that the first lake is located at an altitude of 1640 meters above sea level. And the last lake is located at an altitude of 2400 meters above sea level. You will be attracted by the beautiful scenery, you will be able to explore the mountain views and enjoy the natural beauty. It's very beautiful here in the summer. If you want to explore the charming place of Seven Lakes, then you will need one day. The journey from the first lake to the last is 14 km, but taking into account the stop at each lake for at least 10 minutes, the tour will take at least 3 hours. This night you will rest in the homestay.

Day 6: Seven Lakes – Penjakent
After breakfast you will transfer to Penjakent. You will see that ancient Penjakent was one of  the easternmost settlements of the Sogdiana Empire, an Iranian civilization that ruled large swathes of territories in central Asia more than a thousand years ago. It is famous for its attractions and architectural monuments. And after the excursions, you can relax on the shore of Zaravshan, in the recreation area. The first settlements on the territory of present-day Penjakent appeared more than 5.5 thousand years ago. It is recognized as one of the oldest in Central Asia. Initially, five villages were located on the site of the city, which gave it its name, because Penjakent is translated as "Five settlements". In the V-VIII centuries AD, the city stood out from the rest. It was known as the "Central Asian Pompeii"; it was a major center of culture and crafts of ancient Sogdiana. The city housed markets, two temples, the palace of the ruler, and the homes of the noble citizens. They were decorated with wooden and clay images of the gods and copious paintings. Penjakent was one of the most well-equipped and well-fortified settlements of that time. This night you will spend in the hotel.

Day 7: Jartepo border
In the morning is transfer to Uzbek border.


02-04 pax – Hyundai Starex
06-08 pax – 2 cars: Hyundai Starex
10 pax – 3 cars: Hyundai Starex

Price per person:
02 pax – 835 $
04 pax – 530 $
06 pax – 560 $
08 pax – 470 $
10 pax – 505 $
Single – 80 $

Half board – 90 $
Full board – 180 $ 

English speaking guide – 660 $ per group


Service includes:
- Transport
- Accommodation:
      Dushanbe – “Meridians” Hotel 3*
      Iskanderkul Lake – Homestay
      Seven lakes – Homestay
      Penjakent – “Umariyon” Hotel 3*
- Entrances to all museums
- Mineral water during the tour                                           

Service does not include:
- Visa
- Full board
- Single rooms
- Early check-in
- Travel insurance
- English speaking guide

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