Turkmenistan tours

Turkmenistan is an underrated destination of Central Asia with lots of mystery and secrets. The territory of the country is made of the deserts and semi-deserts. The population is rather small regarding the size the territory is 6 million people which makes the smallest among the other countries in Central Asia. Ashgabat is the capital city. According to the Guinness book it was recognized as the most marble city in the world. In this city you can find many museums, parks, squares and grandiose buildings which are available during your sightseeing tours. For instance, Nisa represent the remains of ancient civilization of Parthi. It is one of the popular attractions nearby Ashgabat. Another cultural attraction of the culture of Turkmen people are the Akhal Teke horses which you can see in the horse farm in Ashgabat during your sightseeing tour. Darwaza gas crater is the most frequently visited highlight of Turkmenistan. It is also called as the Door to Hell which was the result of people’s mistake in 1970’s. During your tour you can spend night in the tents by the Darwaza gas crater. To learn more about history and archeology then you should pay a visit at the Kunya Urgench site and cities of Mary and Merv. For recreational and beach vacations you can make a tour to Awaza resort town. The history of Turkmen people counts back to the ancient times. Their origin goes back to nomadic tribes who were formed from the local nomadic and Mongolian tribes. During your tours there is a great chance to learn about the history and culture of Turkmen people. Contact us to find out more.

Turkmenistan explored
» Turkmenistan explored

Beautiful Turkmenistan attracts the attention of tourists, guests will be able to explore the vast expanses of Turkmenistan, enjoy its territory, immerse themselves in history and interesting places. In our tours to Turkmenistan, you will have the chance to explore such beautiful places as Ashgabat, Kerki, Nohur and Koitendag. During the tours, you will experience amazing cultural features, traditions, and hospitality. Embark on a fabulous tour with us! more »
The great heritage of Turkmneistan
» The great heritage of Turkmneistan

Our tours in Turkmenistan will bring you only positive emotions, you will be able to explore beautiful landscapes, enjoy beautiful sights. During the tour of Turkmenistan, you will be able to explore such places as beautiful Ashgabat, fabulous Nokhur, Koitendag and many other beautiful places. Start the tour and go on a journey right now with our company. more »
Paradise Tour of Turkmenistan
» Paradise Tour of Turkmenistan

In our tours of Turkmenistan, you will be able to explore that the beautiful country of Turkmenistan is located in Central Asia, it is the most mystical country. Beautiful sights, magnificent landscapes and landscapes will win your heart. During the tours, you will be able to enjoy customs and traditions, see beautiful landscapes. You will be able to explore the beautiful capital of Ashgabat, enjoy the beautiful village of Nokhur, and many other beautiful places. more »
Father of Caves tour
» Father of Caves tour

Tourists on tours in Turkmenistan will be able to explore the beautiful nature, enjoy the scenery and see all the most charming landscapes. This attractive country will be able to conquer you with its traditions and customs, beautiful sights. You will be able to feel the culture and enjoy the important sites of the white marble capital of Ashgabat, explore the beautiful village of Nokhur and also see all its most beautiful landscapes. more »
Turkmenistan short tour
» Turkmenistan short tour

Going on tours in Turkmenistan with our company, you will notice that this is the most mysterious country in Central Asia and is unique in its views. You will enjoy incredible tours of Turkmenistan, where you will be able to explore its mysteries and history. You will find a fascinating journey with beautiful landscapes and views. During the tour, you will be able to visit beautiful Ashgabat, enjoy the views of Darvaz and also Dashoguz and visit Kune Urgench, enjoy the beauty and traditions of Turkmenistan on tours. more »
Diverse Turkmenistan
» Diverse Turkmenistan

Our guests will be able to go on tours around Turkmenistan and explore the best landscapes, explore beautiful landscapes and also enjoy the views of nature, landscapes, and the most ancient sights. In the tours you will be able to immerse yourself in history, explore enjoy the culture, customs and traditions, and see cities such as Ashgabat, Mary, and explore the landscapes of Darvaz. Go on tours in Turkmenistan with our company! more »
Turkmenistans outskirts
» Turkmenistans outskirts

Your tour of Turkmenistan will be wonderful, as you will be able to explore many beautiful places, enjoy nature and see beautiful landscapes. During the tours in Turkmenistan, our clients will be able to get acquainted with the cultural heritage, explore the beautiful scenery and enjoy the charm of beautiful places. You will find the white marble capital of Ashgabat, interesting Merv, and also other beautiful sights that you can explore. During the trip, you will be able to explore the ancient history, customs and traditions of the hospitable people of Turkmenistan. more »
Gems of Turkmenistan
» Gems of Turkmenistan

The beautiful country of Turkmenistan will amaze you with its beautiful sights, you will be able to see a mysterious country that attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world on tours. During the tour, you will be able to see beautiful sights, explore history, and enjoy unique monuments. We invite you to explore the capital city of Ashgabat, explore the gas crater of Darvaza and also other important places. more »
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