Since Kyrgyzstan has an ancient history, you can explore it on tours and rent a car. In this article, we want to introduce you to the main historical facts that Kyrgyzstan is associated with. The country's history is rich and interesting to study. The article contains only the main details that you can learn before starting the trip, but during the tours you will be able to communicate with local residents, nomads, guides who will be able to tell you interesting information.

During the tours, you will be able to learn many interesting facts about ancient Kyrgyz, see ancient writings, petroglyphs. About their existence, everyday life. You will also find out that they moved from place to place in search of the best pasture with cattle, yurts and staff. The history goes back about 2000 years and the first mention of the Kyrgyz was in historical sources that go back to 201 BC.

To explore ancient history, you can rent a car and learn how culture and art developed in ancient times. You can also enjoy the mountains and pure nature. The most excellent solution for studying ancient history is tours to Cholpon Ata in Issyk Kul, where you can learn about spiritual life in ancient times and the Bronze Age in general. Being a tourist of our company, you can also see rock paintings on the stones of this open-air Museum where animals such as goats, horses, and bulls are depicted. And also pay attention to the hunting scenes, scenes of everyday life, dances that are drawn on the stones.

The history of the country also shows that the first mention was in the 201 century BC in Chinese sources. The history of antiquity dates from 1000 BC to 300 ad. Interesting information about the Kyrgyz was given in the Chronicles "Historical notes", which tell about the five peoples who fought the Huns. Further, other historical facts are given by the historian Ban Gu in his annals of Han Shu. Various sources say that in ancient times the territory of the Kyrgyz was East Turkestan.

Not Nanotechology in 1200-1400 years is marked as the most bloody and grim, as were raids by the Mongols. They were able to suppress the high culture of the Turks after their arrival. Rent a car is a great solution for studying history and you can find out that in 1207 the Kyrgyz were Yenisei and submitted to Genghis Khan. Later in the 12-15 centuries, the ancient kykyrgyz began to accept Islam, as there was a mass trend of Islam after the Persian, Arab, and Turkic traders.

You can become a guest of our country and learn how in the 15th century people moved EN masse to present-day Kyrgyzstan from southern Siberia. And so from the 15th to the 19th centuries, they did not have a single state. The tribes wanted to unite and create a single state with a single ruler. The idea did not come true, and after that, tribes with a system of politics and views on independence began to be created.

From the 18th century to the 20th century, the Kyrgyz wanted to join and become part of the Russian Empire. To do this, they even sent their ambassadors to inform the Russian leaders of their wishes for joining. In the past, the North wanted to join the Russian Empire, as they were afraid of threats from all sides. The threats were both internal and external. The South wanted the annexation was against the idea, but after was annexed by force. As a result, joining led to a transition from a nomadic lifestyle to a sedentary lifestyle. They became farmers and citizens.

G. the Bolsheviks came to win power from the Russian Empire in 1917, at the beginning of the 20th century. They were against the exploitation of the people and tried to make people equal. This can be said to be the birth of the Soviet Union. After that, the development of the country's political and cultural life began. The educational sphere is also not left out. The Autonomous region replaced the state. The most tragic thing at that time was that people did not have the right to believe in God and have a religion. Therefore, there were many victims and murders of innocent people at that time.

The Soviet Union ceased to exist in 1991, after which Kyrgyzstan gained independence. People wanted to become independent, and then began to think about later life. But in the end, everything led to unemployment, a decline in living standards and an economic, social and political crisis. After gaining independence, Kyrgyzstan has its own flag and anthem. Kyrgyzstan joined the UN in 1992 and adopted a Constitution in 1993. But the country also remained unstable, which eventually led to internal conflicts, dissatisfaction with the government, and 2 revolutions in the country in 2005 and 2010. At the moment, the country is calm and Kyrgyzstan accepts tourists with hospitality and great care.