The relief of a new country is something interesting to explore on tours. The relief of Kyrgyzstan is particularly beautiful and diverse. Kyrgyzstan has no outlet to the sea. And the country is rich in beautiful mountains and forests. In turn, it also borders with other countries. The most interesting thing is that the total length of the country is equal to the size of Nebraska or England and Scotland combined.

Since the state is mountainous, there are many high-altitude forests, gorges and rivers. You can enjoy the beauty of nature and explore the relief of the country on tours and rent a car such as Lexus LX470. Since the country is mainly of strategic importance, it borders with the following countries: China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

Most of the attractions are located at an altitude of more than 1000 meters and this is just the starting point. The country has many glaciers that do not melt and are not easily accessible. The country also has many deserts and steppes. A6. 3 % of the country is occupied by agriculture, about 4. 25% are forests, 4.4 % are lakes, and 4% are covered by glaciers.

During the tours, tourists can rent a car and go to the beautiful places of the country, nature and attractions of our beautiful state. You can also rent a car and see the hospitality of the people. Kyrgyzstan is not afraid of wind because the country is mountainous and the mountains protect the cities.


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