During the tours in new places you have an opportunity to explore the territory of the country. Today we would like to present you the review of Kyrgyzstan. Tours in the country are organized by different travel companies. Before starting the trip you need to get acquainted with main principles of their work.

Travel agencies work in this sphere for a long time. It shows the importance and impact of their job. They know all details of how to create tours, how to enter and leave the country.

Our company does its job with great love for the country, boarders and universe. We also offer a car rent service to guests of the country. We organize a large number of tours that differ in complexity, details, the route of the tour and the number of places you want to visit.

Which cars are the most popular choice for the guests and the new-comers of Kyrgyzstan? Without a doubt, all-wheel drive cars. Car rent service gives you a chance to visit distant sites and explore more wonderful places of the country. Jeeps are considered the best cars for poor quality roads such as dirty or gravel.

The major part of the territory of Kyrgyzstan is occupied by mountains. That feature makes country the good place for hiking, trekking, horse riding. On tours you can also meet local people, who love in the heights. Car rent service will help you to explore the mountains, communicate with locals and experience their hospitality. Usually the overnight stays are organized in the guest houses or yurts. In the first case you will enjoy the comfort. In the second case you will immerse in the culture and traditions of nomadic people. You will have a dinner and overnight in yurts. Toilets are located outside, showers are rather rare. Our travel company will provide you with the full service of the tour.