Traditional clothes

We decided to create a useful article for travelers about Kyrgyz traditional clothes. Also for tourists wishing to travel around this amazing country of once nomadic people, we can organize a tour of any complexity with a comfortable rent a car service. Today, every interested tourist can come to our country to take the tour with Bishkek car rent service and study Kyrgyz traditional clothes, in addition to Kyrgyz culture and local traditions. It is clear that every traveler who wants to make the tour and rent a car will be interested in information about the country, including about traditional clothes, and for this reason we will now briefly tell you about Kyrgyz traditional clothes. Traditional clothes always show the basic character and culture of the people, the same with Kyrgyz traditional clothes. Speaking about the traditional clothes of the Kyrgyz people, we note that they are still unique for about 700 years. During the tour with Bishkek car rent service in Kyrgyzstan, travelers will learn that traditional Kyrgyz clothes were made so that nomads used to feel comfortable at heights amid the winds.

Also, remember that in modern days, when traveling around Kyrgyzstan, you are unlikely to meet Kyrgyz dressed in Kyrgyz traditional clothes, and therefore you need to take the tour, rent a car and visit the museum. The museum exhibits Kyrgyz traditional clothes, after visiting that tourists understand that Kyrgyz male nomads wore jarq shym, kandagay, chalbar trousers, Chokoy and Charyk shoes and tebetey, kalpak and malakai hats. Warm coats, the so-called "Ichik", were also made from wolf, fox, lynx fur, which were worn by both men and women. Also during the tour, tourists in the museum see Kyrgyz women's skirts called "beldemchi". On and on, young Kyrgyz girls wore headdresses that were decorated with bird feathers, with various traditional adornments, pearls and precious stones. In addition, the young girls wore the Chiptama Jacket. Travel with Bishkek car rent service in Kyrgyzstan and see what Kyrgyz traditional clothes are like.

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